Engraved to Order Solid Olive Wood Board

  • £35.00

Our range of rustic olive wood boards can be engraved with your choice of design and wording. Olive wood has a rich, well defined natural grain which should be enriched periodically with a small amount of olive oil to feed the wood.

We have several types of rustic olive wood board to choose from, but please note that the final shape and size of the boards may vary slightly based on the source tree. 

Please choose from one of the following styles:

1. Large square cut (approx. 35 x 15cm)

2. Large rustic (approx. 35 x 15cm)

3. Small rustic (approx. 30 x 15cm)

4. Round rustic (approx. 20cm diameter)

5. Heart shaped (approx. 20cm wide)

Next, please use the "My Design Ideas" field to provide us with details of what you would like to have engraved from pictures to wording, and we will contact you to discuss the design and ensure that we create you exactly what you are looking for. 

We've helped customers create the perfect design from portraits of movie stars, to superheroes, to cityscapes and logos. Whatever it is you're looking for, we can help.

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