Photo Engraving - How it works

In our opinion there is no more fantastic and timeless way to enjoy you favourite photograph than to have it engraved onto wood. We have experience and expertise in converting customer photographs so that they can be beautifully engraved onto your choice of product.

Photograph Engraved onto Oak Board

Whatever your favourite picture is, whether it be a family portrait, a special place or building or a treasured pet, we will carefully convert it to ensure that the finished engraving captures the magic of the original image.

Spitfire photo engraved onto wooden clock   Horse photograph engraved onto wooden coaster

All you need to do is upload your photograph on the Convert My Photograph page and choose what product you would like to have it engraved onto.

One of the most popular options with previous customers has been our range of solid wood boards which can be wall hung, offering a fabulous alternative to a picture frame. Please note that the boards come complete with wall hanging fixings included in the price.

Our wooden boards come in a selection of sizes and are grouped into three categories:

1. Premium: These solid oak boards are 2cm thick and have a stunning natural grain. These are our most popular choice for wall hanging artwork. The best choice for portraits of people and pets and detailed images such as buildings.

2. Dark: The rich deep brown and red tones of solid Sapele wood gives a moody impact to the engravings, and is sure to provide an eye catching centrepiece to any wall. Best for landscapes and objects such as cars or aircraft.

3. Light: The lovely light grain of solid Beech wood provides the perfect contrast for all types of engraving, allowing the darkness of the engraving to stand out. Weighing less and with a softer appearance than our premium oak range these boards are a great entry into photos on wood.

It is also possible to have your photo engraved onto many of our other products, including memory boxes, clocks and wine and beer bottle gift boxes.

Don't forget any optional finishing touches you might have, such as personalised messages or wording you would like to have engraved onto the design. Everything we do is bespoke to your requirements and included in the price, we don't charge more, so just let us know and we'll design it in for you.

Cat photograph engraved onto wood

Guidance for Choosing the Right Photograph:

The rule of thumb to remember is that the clearer and more in focus the image and the higher the quality of the camera that took it, the better the engraving will be. We can only engrave what the photo contains, so an out of focus or blurry image will lead to a less than optimal engraving. 

Please upload the original digital photo file if possible, images which have been uploaded to social media are often compressed by the websites algorithm to become smaller, and less detailed. This means that if you provide us with an image taken from social media the crispness and detail of the original is lost, again impacting the quality of the final engraving.

The final important point is that if you would like the background to be removed from the image, please try to ensure that there is clear contrast between the subject in the foreground of the image and the background. For example, if the image is of a white haired dog, and the background is also white then it may prove difficult to determine where the dog ends and the background begins and this may prevent us from separating the dog from the background.