Art & Drawings Wooden Memory Box - Your Child's Art Engraved - Personalised - Made to Order - Unique Gift

  • £38.00

If your children love to create drawings and artwork, whatever their age or ability, they become treasured memories. Wouldn't it be lovely if you could immortalise these artistic efforts by having them converted and engraved onto one of our stunning wooden products?

Well now you can! Simply send us a clear, high resolution and in-focus image of a drawing or piece of writing that you little ones have created, and we will convert them and engrave them deeply onto our stunning wooden chest memory box, perfect for you to keep other treasured memories inside.

For best results please try to provide the drawings or writing against a white background as this will ensure the clearest conversion and thus the best results from the engraving process.

Our chest shaped memory boxes feature a hinged lid, and a metal clasp at the front.

Please Note: The price of this item includes the service of converting your supplied artwork into a format that can be engraved, as well as the wooden chest memory box and postage and packaging using our standard postage service (2nd Class).

Dimensions: 31x20x20cm

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