Photograph Engraving - Convert Your Photograph

  • £20.00

This is where we take you on a journey to create a beautiful piece of wooden art from your favourite photograph. For more information about how it all works please see the How it Works page.

First choose which of our products you would like to have your photograph engraved onto. 

Please Note: the overall price will include the service to convert and design your artwork ready for engraving, plus a cost for the product you choose to have it engraved onto. 

Next, please provide us with details of any optional personalised message or wording you would like to add to the design. 

If you have any other requirements for the image please also add details.

Lastly, but most importantly, please upload your chosen image below from your computer, tablet or phone.

Please Note: Unless you specify differently above, we will remove the background detail of the image you provide, to make the subject in the foreground the focus of the engraving. 

Guidance for choosing your photograph:

Please follow the below key points when selecting your photograph for uploading:
  1. Ensure the photograph is clear and in focus; out of focus or blurry images will not work.
  2. Provide the highest quality and resolution image that you can, the better the quality of the camera that took the picture, the better the engraving.
  3. Upload the original digital photo file if possible, images from social media are often compressed to reduce file size but also lose quality.
  4. Ensure that there is clear contrast between the foreground subject of the photograph and the background to be removed. e.g. a white dog on a white backround will be difficult to isolate for engraving.
    For further guidance on choosing the right photograph, please see our How it Works page.